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The Friendly Skies

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a flight attendant.  Obviously I didn’t get into a career in air travel, but when I roleplay, flight attendant is one of my favorite things.  They don’t call them friendly skies for no reason, and I’ve always wanted to join the mile high club.  Let me know if you want coffee, tea, or me in this hot little photo shoot I did in my flight attendant costume.  I got to test out just how much give those airplane seats have.  If you want to see me reach my highest altitude, go to Lia 19 and look at the rest of these sexy pictures.

Shower massager

My shower is great.  There is plenty of room for two, three, or even more.  My shower head has a massage function with 13 settings on it!  There is no part of my body this thing can’t make feel good, and I’ve tested all of my body parts.  My tits love a thumping massage right on the nipples.  My back loves a steady, hard stream.  My clit loves a pulsing massage when I put the shower head right up to my pussy.  I got into the shower today, and I knew you’d love some pictures.  Watch me get onto my shower floor and get dirty and clean at the same time over at Lia 19.


When I’m visiting someplace tropical, my favorite place to visit is the hotel pool.  No one is ever there when they have an ocean to swim in, so I got the whole thing to myself.  I was alone for long enough, I ventured to take off my pretty little bathing suit.  The water got freezing and made my poor little nipples stand out straight, so I decided to see if they were hard enough to hold my heavy earrings.  Maybe I should just get my nipples pierced so I can wear jewelry there all the time.  For now, my earrings will do.  I was alone for a long time so I decided to take my bottoms off too and have a little fun poolside.  We got pictures of that too, and put them on Lia 19.

All work and no play

I have so much fun making sexy photos for you guys, but sometimes it’s a lot of work.  I put a video of me up here so you can see.  I’m out in a tropical location, so we wanted to get some very hot and sexy tropical photos before we went out.  This is the video of that photo shoot.  I take off my pretty red outfit and climb up stairs and all over furniture, making sure I’m as sexy as I can be for you.  How do you think I did?  I didn’t have them videotape the whole shoot, but just a little of it.  I wouldn’t want to give away all my sexy secrets and naughty tricks at once would I?  Go over to Lia 19 to look at the rest of the photos that go here.

Fishnet Destruction

I was so happy to get my fishnet body stocking off in this video.  I gave you some very titillating closeups before I started at my crotch and tore the whole body stocking right up the middle!  See more of this video and the photos in my body stocking at Lia 19 !

Blue Dress

Check out these pictures we took of me just coming out of my pretty new blue/green dress.  It was such a cute outfit, I couldn’t stop myself from getting pictures in (and out of) it!  See the whole thing at Lia 19 if you care to see me all the clear of that frilly thing.